Future of radiology empowered by emerging technologies
November 26, 2018 -- CHICAGO - Radiology can once again situate itself at the center of patient care by embracing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, RSNA 2018 President Dr. Vijay Rao said in her opening address. Radiologists must do their part to make this future a reality.  Discuss
German study shows lingering effect of linear GBCAs
November 23, 2018 -- How do different gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) affect gadolinium retention in the brain? In rats, concentrations of linear GBCAs were several dozen times greater one year after administration than levels of macrocyclic GBCAs, German researchers found in a study published online on 13 November in Radiology.  Discuss
ESR puts renewed emphasis on clinical audits
November 22, 2018 -- An updated edition of a clinical audit tool is to be published in January 2019, delegates learned at the European Society of Radiology (ESR) Annual Leadership Meeting, held in Berlin on 16 November.  Discuss
What will AI really mean for radiology?
November 21, 2018 -- The concept behind artificial intelligence (AI) is seductive, and it will be a cash cow for developers and the industry, but the technology is immature, and it will never be a final product because the programs will need constant upgrades and updates, the Maverinck writes in his latest column.  Discuss
Spanish show how density affects digital mammography
November 21, 2018 -- The screening performance of digital mammography can be negatively affected by the density of a woman's breast tissue -- especially tissue that is considered heterogeneously or extremely dense, according to a Spanish study published online on 15 November in the European Journal of Radiology.  Discuss
Ultrasound growth rates vary widely across Europe
November 21, 2018 -- The European ultrasound market is on track to finish 2018 with growth in the low single digits, but the situation differs across the continent, states industry analyst Simon Harris. Growth prospects are strong in Central and Eastern Europe, while the U.K. is a question mark due to uncertainty over Brexit.  Discuss
Deep learning finds significant coronary stenosis
November 20, 2018 -- A deep-learning algorithm can improve identification of functionally significant coronary artery stenosis on coronary CT angiography, potentially reducing the number of patients who need to receive invasive coronary angiography, according to Dutch research published online on 12 November in European Radiology.  Discuss
Quality and safety in imaging come under scrutiny
November 19, 2018 -- To boost quality and safety, it's vital to ensure every activity meets best practice standards, Drs. Giles Boland and Lluís Donoso-Bach write in a guest editorial. Healthcare leaders must build the teams to create, deliver, and manage solutions using data-driven management techniques, they say.  Discuss
Survey sheds new light on radiology training
November 16, 2018 -- More than three-quarters (77%) of junior doctors wish they had experienced more radiology teaching in their undergraduate curriculum, according to a survey of 150 junior doctors from 29 U.K. medical schools. They were particularly keen on learning more about skeletal radiographs and major trauma CT.  Discuss
Spanish apply 3D printing to pediatric tumor surgery
November 15, 2018 -- Using 3D-printed models to plan and guide surgery for pediatric tumors enabled researchers from Spain to improve their understanding of complex anatomy and predict possible complications, according to a recent article published online in the European Journal of Pediatric Surgery Reports.  Discuss
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