Mvision AI releases software and undergoes rebranding

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Helsinki-based Mvision AI has released new software, version 1.2.4, for the company's guideline-based automation segmentation service. The vendor's contouring product is also getting a rebranding.

Contour+ is a component of Mvision AI's Guideline-Based Segmentation platform. The platform provides automation, verification, and continuous education for the introduction of AI contouring into medical department. Contour+ is CE-marked and has been granted 510(k) clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Mvision AI said Contour+ has been updated with new models to serve clinical needs. These include the following:

  • A new male pelvis T2-weighted MR model supporting MR-only clinical workflow and MR-based contouring and planning is now available.
  • A brain T1-weighted MR model with new scanner data for performance improvement and MR-based contouring is now available.
  • Abdomen and breast models have been updated to include heart sub-structures for cardiac toxicity assessment or personalized plan optimization. RTOG & RADCOMP guideline style for breasts and lymph nodes has also been added.
  • A new whole-body model is available to boost contouring speed for patients being treated for multiple localizations.
  • Female pelvis model now includes the lymph node volumes and other clinically meaningful structures to support clinicians with their target contouring.
  • A new bone CT model contouring independent vertebrae and ribs is also now available.

Contour+ has an industry standard-compliant AI development process that follows international consensus contouring guidelines.

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