France's VIDI collaborates with Milvue on imaging AI

2018 08 01 23 13 1733 Artificial Intelligence Ai 400

VIDI, France's largest private radiology network, has selected artificial intelligence (AI) software developer Milvue as its partner-of-choice in AI.

As a result, Milvue's radiography AI software will be available on preferential terms to VIDI's entire network. Milvue currently offers two modules in its Milvue Suite: SmartUrgences and SmartXpert.

Suitable for use in adults and children, SmartUrgencies detects seven radiography anomalies in real-time, including fracture, dislocation, joint effusion, pulmonary opacities, pleural effusion, pneumothorax, and pulmonary nodules. The software then sorts and prioritizes these exams for radiologists based on its analysis, according to the vendor.

Meanwhile, SmartXpert provides fully automated bone and joint measurements on conventional radiographs. It can also be used in addition to SmartUrgencies to detect traumatic abnormalities, the company said.

VIDI noted that the partnership with Milvue may also include upcoming software currently being developed by the company for detecting spine fractures or for performing automated measurements on EOS Imaging's EOS system.

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