NordicCAD unveils AI-based knee segmentation software

2019 01 03 21 20 8068 Artificial Intelligence Ai 400

Norwegian artificial intelligence (AI) software developer NordicCAD has introduced MR Segmentation Tool (MST), an AI-based software package designed to segment knee structures on high-resolution MR images.

MST displays segmented structures as an overlay on MR images. Users can choose any of the four available MR sequences found in the imaging protocol as underlay images, according to the vendor. The segmentation of each anatomical label can be evaluated -- and corrected using annotation tools -- in the three windows displaying the orthogonal image orientations, NordicCAD said.

What's more, any of the segmented structures can be viewed transparently in 3D, along with their size and voxel count data, the firm said. The software's annotation tools also enable structural damages to be pinpointed and viewed as part of the 3D model, NordicCAD said. The 3D models can also be exported into file types that can be handled by both 3D printers and virtual reality/augmented reality visualization tools.

The company noted that MST was developed in cooperation with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Aalesund Hospital as a research and educational tool. It's not yet certified for clinical use.

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