New website aims to help radiologists find AI software

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A group from Radboud University Medical Center in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, has launched a website to help radiologists find and learn about the radiology artificial intelligence (AI) software applications that are commercially available in Europe.

Organized by the university's Diagnostic Image Analysis Group (DIAG), the initiative seeks to provide detailed overviews of all CE-Marked AI software for radiology on the site -- called AI for Radiology.

Kicky van Leeuwen.Kicky van Leeuwen.

"We hope this will be a useful tool for radiologists to compare different AI products for radiology on the market," said project leader Kicky van Leeuwen, a PhD candidate in the DIAG.

The AI market for radiology has rapidly grown, making it difficult to compare products and vendors, as well as distinguish between nice-looking marketing web pages of products in development and commercially available products that have received regulatory clearance, according to van Leeuwen.

"To encourage clinical implementation of AI, we believe creating transparency is key," she said.

Unlike in the U.S., there is no central online resource to find overviews of cleared radiology AI software in Europe, said DIAG head Bram van Ginneken, PhD.

"We found that nobody has a good overview and we found many incomplete overviews online, and we saw companies do not always provide information on their website that is accurate and up to date," van Ginneken said. "So we decided to compile an overview that is as complete as possible and intend to maintain it."

The site features a searchable list of radiology AI software applications that are currently available in Europe. Users can also review software categorized by subspecialty and modality.

"Many vendors have already provided us with detailed product specifications, making it easier for radiology departments to perform market analysis and discover what could suit their clinical context," van Leeuwen said. "The website will be expanded with more functionalities and practical guides for implementation over time."

She noted that vendors who believe they are missing in this overview can contact her to be added to the website.

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