Oxipit secures European patent for chest x-ray AI

2020 05 27 17 19 7017 Patent Industry 400

Radiology artificial intelligence (AI) software developer Oxipit said that the European Patent Office has approved its patent application for technology designed to facilitate training of machine-learning models using high-resolution chest x-rays.

Although AI algorithms are typically optimized for working with 0.1-megapixel images, modern x-ray systems commonly generate larger images with 16-megapixel resolution, Oxipit said. Patent EP3651117 addresses the challenges of training algorithms with these higher-resolution images by, for example, eliminating irrelevant pixels from the radiograph, such as from regions that aren't related to the diagnosis, according to the company.

Oxipit believes the patent is particularly relevant for improving the accuracy of algorithms for detecting lung cancer.

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