NHS trust adds AI to radiology reporting

The Dartford and Gravesham National Health Service (NHS) Trust in the U.K. is partnering with artificial intelligence (AI) firm Behold.ai to advance its radiology reporting.

The hospital group is using Behold.ai's red dot prioritization platform and algorithm to separate radiology studies into normal and abnormal categories and alert radiographers to urgent findings at the point of acquisition. The AI process is also designed to help clinicians prioritize workloads and reduce reporting backlogs.

Behold.ai's algorithms were developed through the use of more than 30,000 example images in conjunction with the guidance of experienced consultant radiology clinicians to sharpen red dot's accuracy in decision-making, according to the vendor. The technology can separate images into normal and abnormal categories in less than 30 seconds after image acquisition, Behold.ai added.

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