Barco: Survey highlights radiology challenges

Image display vendor Barco said that a recent survey conducted by research firm the MarkeTech Group found that radiologists want better image quality and display ergonomics, along with more efficient workflow.

In an attempt to determine the wants and needs of radiologists, MarkeTech surveyed 223 individuals across France, Germany, the U.K., and North America. Facing growing image volumes, increasing study complexity, and physical discomfort while reading, radiologists wanted better image quality (91%), more efficient workflow (77%), and better display ergonomics (70%), Barco said.

In other findings, 91% of respondents reported that image quality was the most important aspect of a medical display. Higher spatial resolution was important for 80%, while 68% indicated that higher contrast would enhance their clinical practice, Barco said. Furthermore, 53% believed that higher brightness and a wider viewing angle would greatly improve their reading performance.

The MarkeTech Group also found that 60% of radiologists routinely employ a mix of color and grayscale displays. Both digital mammography and color PACS were read by 63% of European respondents, compared with 84% in the U.S.

Faster image loading and manipulation would enable 92% of the survey participants to work more efficiently, according to the survey. Seventy-eight percent of the respondents believed that a larger screen surface would be an important potential improvement, while 66% would like to have the ability to load both color and grayscale images on one screen, Barco said.

With 85% of radiologists using three displays or more, the survey unsurprisingly found that 87% of radiologists reported physical discomfort such as eye fatigue, neck strain, and back pain when reading images, Barco said.

Respondents suggested ergonomic improvements such as an easy-to-adjust stand (83%), increased ambient room lighting (81%), reduced screen glare (72%), and keyboard task lighting (69%), according to the company.

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