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When historians of the future look back at the decade we're in, I think they'll characterize it as being one in which healthcare IT changed the face of medicine.

Everyone knows the impact that smartphones are having on healthcare, especially for the generation of physicians in training. But there haven't been many studies investigating actual use of medical apps for them. So, a survey capturing self-reported data from U.K. medical students and junior doctors that records their habits of acquisition and viewing patterns makes for interesting reading. Click here for details.

It's hard to think of smartphone use without text messaging, and too many young people send messages that they don't think too much about. When social media tools such as tweeting and posting to Facebook are used indiscriminately, they can occasionally have life-changing consequences. International editor Eric Barnes explains how social media posts can impact admission to medical school or a residency.

Everyone also knows that healthcare IT is on the rise. Another survey, this one from the Commonwealth Fund, has evaluated electronic medical record use by primary care physicians. The Netherlands and Norway are featured in this 10-country study, which you can read about here.

Another report, this one focused on the U.K., projects healthcare IT spending over the next few years. This positive outlook projects a billion dollar market in the next five years, and so does this one.

On behalf of the Healthcare Informatics Digital Community, I'd like to wish you a very happy and joyous holiday season.

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