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Medical imaging professionals continue to showcase their ingenuity in translating innovative, futuristic technology into practical and feasible patient care in the age of precision medicine.

A team from the University of Udine in Italy has explained how to use a wearable breast vest to teach radiography students about mammography placement. Angie Devetti spoke with us in a video interview about the vest’s helpfulness in her team’s study, as well as the group's future plans for the vest. Read how this corset-style vest aided trainees in our featured story.

Also, researchers from Bucharest, Romania have highlighted that 3D printing will play a key role in managing aortic wall disease in patients. The University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Carol Davila" team also shared its experiences of implementing the technology into its workflow, outlining potential challenges.

In further regard to 3D printing, Croatian researchers have shown that the technology and extended reality technologies are growing in impact on patient care in multiple ways. This includes improving surgical planning and aiding simulations to guide procedures in real-time, as well as better educating trainees.

Meanwhile, award-winning research has demonstrated how a virtual reality tool can promote best practices for radiation protection during interventional radiology procedures. Researchers from Germany’s Federal Office for Radiation Protection highlighted that the tool emulates a realistic environment to interact with imaging modalities and protective measures, as well as visualize simulated radiation during image acquisition.

Finally, a study out of Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen in Germany highlighted an imaging technique called magnetoencephalography, which identified a neural network that has a major role in the tendency to see faces in nonface images – also known as face pareidolia.

If you feel like we missed out on cool research in advanced visualization, feel free to email us. And keep checking back for new stories in this area!

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