Joy in a new department; Liverpool's PACS gains; breast MRI recall rates

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Building an imaging department from scratch must be a very complex and stressful task. But when the outcome is positive and people are pleased with the end result, it's surely an incredibly satisfying one for everyone concerned.

It's no wonder then that our columnist Dr. Paul McCoubrie is feeling extremely happy. Along with his colleagues in Bristol, U.K., he's helped create a brand-new hospital. To find out more, click here.

Healthcare and IT staff in Liverpool also seem pretty content with life. Their new digital setup has helped to improve work/life balance, eradicate mistakes due to tiredness, allow more collaborative working, reduce the requirement for sole working, and cut the need for compensatory rest and lost training days. Go to our Healthcare Informatics Community, or click here.

What recall rate is achievable for breast MRI? Irish researchers have studied this issue, and they presented their latest findings at last month's ECR 2015 in Vienna. Visit our Women's Imaging Community, or click here.

Heavy investments in new CT and x-ray equipment in the Middle East have focused attention on the need for greater awareness of radiation dose in the region. Dr. Jamila Al Suwaidi is a pioneer in this field, and we've interviewed her about her latest research. Get the full story here.

Even with the latest CT units, small-bowel tumors are fiendishly difficult to diagnose due to their clinically silent evolution and nonspecific manifestations, but a good technique and sound knowledge of imaging characteristics are a massive help, said award-winning Spanish authors. Go to our CT Community, or click here.

Finally, researchers in France have found that concerns over who would perform after-hours emergency ultrasound scans shouldn't be a roadblock for hospitals that want to implement an overnight teleradiology service. They've published new data in Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging. Click here to learn more.

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