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First, in a story that's ancient and high-tech and somehow touching on a human scale, French researchers have completed an advanced CT analysis of the remains of a youth who lived with severe trauma more than 100,000 years ago. New research using 256-detector-row CT and advanced reconstruction methods offers details about the culture that embraced the brain-damaged youth as a special member of its society. Get the rest of the details here.

We've also got coverage of MedimSight, a portal in progress that seeks to bring together advanced visualization users and developers from around the world. The site allows developers a shot at wider distribution and user feedback, while researchers get to experiment with new applications. Read more here.

In a condition as prevalent and debilitating as peripheral artery disease (PAD), it is perhaps surprising that scientists didn't get farther sooner in their efforts to build a computer-aided detection (CAD) scheme that can reliably diagnose significant stenosis in these vessels. Then again, it's not an easy job as you'll learn in our story about PAD's first CAD, right here.

Celebrated Croatian radiologist Dr. Hedvig Hricak is excited about the unprecedented wave of medical specialties converging on cancer care. Each year brings new possibilities with molecular imaging, new MRI techniques, and advanced processing methods for CT images that reveal the secrets of tumor aggressiveness, she recounted at a recent meeting in the U.S. But there's a big problem -- maybe a couple of them, in fact -- that could prevent their widespread adoption until it's too late for many patients. Learn about the trouble with training in a story you'll find here.

You're invited to scroll through the links below for more on how today's advanced visualization technologies are helping patients with serious diseases -- right here in your Advanced Visualization Digital Community.

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