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The International Congress and Exhibition on Computer Assisted Radiology (CARS) is always a highlight for advanced visualization enthusiasts, and this year's conference promises to be no exception. Those who travel to Heidelberg, Germany, for the 26-29 June meeting will again have no shortage of topical presentations to choose from.

One area of focus will be on how the development of intelligent software can enable more meaningful mining of imaging and patient data for intraoperative imaging. In an interview with contributing writer Frances Rylands-Monk, CARS 2013 President Dr. Nassir Navab shared his thoughts on a future in which surgeons and radiologists have access to crucial patient and image information at every moment of complex procedures.

What else is on tap for CARS 2013? Find out more by accessing our preview.

In other news we're featuring this month in your Advanced Visualization Digital Community, an Austrian research team recently reported on the potential for an advanced visualization technique to significantly improve the detection of thin epidural and subdural hematomas in the brain. Using curved maximum intensity projections that parallel the inner table of the skull, the researchers found an increase in detecting thin subdural hematomas from 20% to 80%. Find out what else they discovered by clicking here.

You can also learn about new 3D imaging technology being developed by U.K. researchers that doesn't require a conventional camera. Their computational technique, which makes use of information from single-pixel detectors to create a 3D image, could be used as a detector in medical imaging systems, according to the developers.

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