Molecular imaging's true meaning; ECR 2013 coverage; hot topics in mammo screening

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Everything is molecular these days, it seems. Molecular imaging is a particularly trendy phrase to use, and for researchers seeking funds, it can help open the door to the treasures because the term sounds sexy and scientific.

But what does molecular imaging really mean? The Maverinck attempts to answer this question in his latest column. To read more, go to our Molecular Imaging Community, or click here.

The ECR begins in Vienna tomorrow, and our strong team of editors will be reporting live from the meeting. The first clutch of articles is now available. Click here to read them, and to follow our in-depth coverage of Europe's premier imaging conference, make sure you check back regularly between now and Monday.

Screening mammography examinations can be difficult to assess, and many screening-detected cancers can be seen in retrospect on a prior mammogram. Using a computer-aided detection system that autonomously detects potentially missed cancers can lead to substantial improvements in screening efficacy with very little extra effort, according to Dutch researchers. Visit our Women's Imaging Community, or click here.

The psychological impact of being recalled after mammography screening is another hot topic, and Norwegian authors have attempted to shed new light on this area. To find out more, click here.

Norway is also setting a good example when it comes to PACS. Oslo's 400-bed Norwegian Radium Hospital makes a fascinating case study in digital radiology. Get the story here.

Dr. James Thrall was a keynote speaker at many European congresses, including the ECR, and has been an influential figure in global radiology for more than a decade. To mark his retirement from Massachusetts General Hospital, he reflects on how medical imaging has changed. Click here to learn more.

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