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Mobile computing devices have been a hot topic for a couple of years now in medical imaging. But how many useful apps are there?

A team led by researchers in Hungary recently decided to find out. After performing a comprehensive review of available imaging-related apps, they found quite a few high-quality iOS options related to diagnostic reading, decision support, medical books, interactive encyclopedias, and journal reading.

Was that also the case for Android, Blackberry, or Windows Phone apps? Find out by visiting here.

Speaking of mobile devices, the iPad was found to be capable of supporting diagnosis of pneumothorax on chest radiographs. But nonpneumothorax findings were more problematic, according to our coverage.

In other news this month in your Advanced Visualization Digital Community, we've got coverage of a new computer-assisted technique that can quantify visceral adipose tissue. The developers from Columbia and France believe their technique can serve as a valuable aid in diagnosing metabolic syndrome. Learn why here.

Also, a 3D infrared breast imaging technique is showing promise for breast cancer risk assessment.

German researchers recently found, with a caveat, that a computer-aided diagnosis system could outperform radiologists for characterizing indeterminate liver lesions. Those results were achieved only, however, if radiologists read the images without access to additional patient-specific information such as previous scans, additional imaging, and laboratory values. What conclusion did the team draw from its results? Click here to find out.

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