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The European Congress of Radiology (ECR) is always a great place to catch up on the latest developments in advanced visualization technology, and this year's conference was no exception.

Those on hand at Austria Center Vienna found no shortage of sessions demonstrating the utility of 3D, computer-aided detection (CAD), mobile devices, and other advanced visualization techniques.

For example, the ever-increasing value of 3D was a common theme during a New Horizons lecture on liver imaging. Contributing writer Frances Rylands-Monk has our article, which you can find here.

Data mining of quantitative measurements produced during image interpretation is also expected to become increasingly important, according to an article by contributing writer Finn Snyder. Click here to learn more.

CAD technology is continuing to advance, according to a report from staff writer Rebekah Moan. A Dutch research team found that CAD had similar specificity to radiologists and may soon find a role as a second or third reader in breast cancer screening.

In other ECR coverage, Apple's popular iPad tablet was found to be suitable for assessing pulmonary nodules, according to a team from the University of Pisa.

Stay tuned for continuing coverage of advanced visualization news from ECR in the coming weeks in your Advanced Visualization Digital Community.

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