IBA signs collaboration on proton therapy

2019 09 21 00 44 1021 Iba Astro 2019

Proton therapy developer Ion Beam Applications (IBA) has signed a collaboration agreement on its ConformalFlash proton therapy technique with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center and the University of Washington, both in Seattle.

IBA will equip the proton therapy system and the proton gantry treatment room at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center with ConformalFlash, which will allow preclinical research on Flash therapy.

Under this collaboration, University of Washington researchers will lead a bench-to-bedside program at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center to analyze Flash Radiotherapy in preclinical models for cancer patients. The focus would be to analyze the optimal physical parameters for proton Flash irradiation.

The collaboration is set to take place over multiple years. In the future, this collaboration could lead to a new clinical functionality for patients.

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