The Software System that drives the education sections of the site.

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Thanks for visiting the education sections of our site. I hope the material is helpful, and I hope you are having a bit of fun, too.

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The software system that drives the education sections of the site is called EDACTICTM. It is designed to integrate knowledge, imagery, and dynamic interaction to enhance learning on the World Wide Web. The intent is to enable the educator to maintain a repository of digital resources and then easily use this repository to create on-line content that simulates in-person interaction with an expert.

In its simplest implementation, EDACTIC can serve as a very nice digital teaching file management system.

Companies and organizations that are interested in exploring the use of EDACTIC for their knowledge-management and distance-learning solutions are invited to contact me (see below). A personal-use, freeware version of EDACTIC is available for individuals within academic departments within teaching institutions. There is also a commercially available Enterprise Version for entire departments and medical institutions.

For more information about EDACTIC, please go to (click the light bulb for a tour).

EDACTIC = Education Delivered And Composed Through Internet Communication:

  • A web-centric content-management and authoring application that enables the computer novice to create engaging, on-line content.
  • Innovative strategies to store, integrate, manage, and deliver this content.

For more information,
please contact:

Mark S. Frank, M.D.
Associate Professor of Radiology
Indiana University School of Medicine
714 N. Senate Ave, Ste #100
Indianapolis, IN  46202
Email:  [email protected]

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