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The first set of results have been reported for the Italian Society of Medical Radiology's (SIRM) national online test for the self-evaluation of screening mammography interpretation. They confirm the value of the self-assessment test and the importance of regular training sessions for breast readers, according to the SIRM.

Not everyone agrees the test is perfect, however, including screening pioneer Dr. László Tabár. Don't miss our news report posted today.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everybody to be even more creative when it comes to training and education. Take the example of the Young Club of the European Society of Breast Imaging. The club's committee asked senior officials to provide their top three tips on breast imaging, and the wide range of responses make for fascinating reading.

Artificial intelligence (AI) still needs to improve before it can outperform breast radiologists or even be used in clinical settings, according to new U.K. research published this month in the BMJ. AI might alter the spectrum of disease detected at breast screening if it differentially detects more microcalcifications, and this may increase rates of overdiagnosis and overtreatment, the authors wrote. They also said that AI algorithms don't understand the context, mode of collection, or meaning of images being viewed.

Tabár also has strong views about the pros and cons of breast AI. He expressed his opinions in an exclusive interview with

Meanwhile, the optimal breast screening regimen for older women continues to be a point of debate. Italian researchers tested a protocol that used a three-year screening interval, and we reported on their results in a recent article.

In other global news, a decision to stop breast screening in the Australian state of New South Wales due to the pandemic is not sitting well with lawmakers there, who have asked for a resumption of screening services.

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