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Placenta accreta spectrum disorder (PAS) -- or abnormally invasive placenta -- occurs when the placenta does not detach spontaneously after delivery and cannot be removed without causing massive bleeding. The incidence is rising fast due to increasing rates of cesarean delivery, which is a risk factor for PAS in later pregnancies.

Researchers from Sheffield, U.K., have conducted an in-depth study of this clinical condition, and they've presented their findings at the U.K. Imaging and Oncology virtual congress, which gets underway today. Don't miss our report.

In other news, a group from Dusseldorf in Germany has found that FDG-PET/MRI outperformed ultrasound and MRI for the detection of axillary lymph node metastases in breast cancer cases. When combined with ultrasound, the hybrid technique may also boost accuracy and avoid the need for invasive biopsies, they said.

Meanwhile, researchers at King's College London have developed deep-learning solutions to improve understanding of brain development and neurocognitive outcomes in babies born preterm. In a question-and-answer interview, Irina Grigorescu elaborated on this research and shared her thoughts on how artificial intelligence (AI) promises to transform medical physics.

Can we improve the efficacy of mammography screening by adapting single and double reading based on AI-derived cancer-risk scores? How can AI be used as detection support in screen reading? These two questions are being addressed in a novel trial that has been launched in Lund, Sweden.

We also have an article for you about lower back pain in women. Investigators have reported the findings of a large study on lumbar spine x-rays, and the research provides further evidence against the routine use of diagnostic imaging when it comes to this area.

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