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PET/CT goes from strength to strength, it seems.

The modality is proving particularly useful in identifying musculoskeletal involvement in a range of diseases, according to researchers from Madrid. It's vital for radiologists to become familiar with these imaging studies to better understand the management of musculoskeletal lesions, they have asserted. Get the full story in today's top article.

Our second report provides details about how a multinational group of authors has taken steps to boost radiologists' understanding of how best to use PET/CT and optimize techniques in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC).

NSCLC, with different pathological types and sizes, appears to produce different maximum standardized uptake (SUVmax) values on PET/CT, so a greater understanding of biological mechanisms involved in lung tumor cells provided by combined PET/CT can lead to a better selection of treatment modalities for patients and a better prognosis.

You can also read about how a PET/CT radiomics model based on imaging with a gallium-68 (Ga-68) PSMA-11 radiotracer might be able to help clinicians diagnose primary prostate cancer.

In another report about the use of hybrid imaging in prostate cancer, you can learn about a study that tested a new technetium 99m-labeled SPECT/CT radiotracer designed to reveal prostate-specific membrane antigen activity on cancer cells.

New developments have taken place in PET/MRI as well.

A group at Sorbonne University in Paris simulated PET/MRI imaging with a 90% reduction in injected F-18 FDG radiotracer dose in patients with cognitive impairment, and the images remained reliable for differentiating Alzheimer's disease and frontotemporal dementia.

The authors are convinced that radiation doses in PET/MRI exams can be reduced significantly without compromising image quality in patients with neurological disorders.

In this letter, we've highlighted some of the many articles posted in the Molecular Imaging Community over the past month or so. Please take a close look at the full list below, and feel free to contact me when you have ideas for future coverage.

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