Siemens showcases new SPECT/CT scanner at SNMMI

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Siemens Healthineers unveiled its new Symbia Pro.specta SPECT/CT Scanner and announced its market clearance in the U.S. and Europe on 12 June at the Society for Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) annual meeting in Vancouver, Canada.

The all-purpose scanner features enhanced SPECT and CT imaging functionalities, including low-dose CT up to 64 slices and automated SPECT motion correction, according to the vendor. It also includes automated workflow functionality.

Symbia Pro.specta was developed to replace the Symbia Intevo family of SPECT/CT scanners, and it is the first new SPECT/CT system the company has brought to market in nine years. The system builds on the vendor's Symbia technology and also incorporates new SPECT/CT innovations, according to Collin Schaeffer, Siemens marketing operations manager for molecular imaging.

The scanner can fit into most existing SPECT rooms, and Siemens hopes it will hit the mark with providers looking to transition from SPECT-only and early-generation SPECT/CT systems. It can be utilized for either standalone diagnostic CT or SPECT imaging.

Symbia Pro.specta offers a minimum of 32 CT slices and a maximum of 64 slices. A tin filter and CT iterative reconstruction comes standard on the system to provide ultralow patient and room dose, according to the firm.

Siemens' new Symbia Pro.specta SPECT/CT scanner.Siemens' new Symbia Pro.specta SPECT/CT scanner.

Siemens is also highlighting the scanner's flexible detectors and accessible design, which facilitate imaging of pediatric, obese, and physically challenged patients. In addition, the system features myExam Companion, which brings an intuitive user interface and automated tools that eliminates the traditional manual and user-dependent SPECT/CT imaging workflow, according to the vendor.

Other features include data-driven patient motion correction, which automatically corrects for patient movement in a SPECT exam with the click of a button. Motion correction for cardiac examinations is also available as an option, Siemens said. Capable of imaging at any energy level, the SPECT/CT scanner can handle imaging of the high-energy isotopes increasingly used in theranostics, Schaeffer told

Symbia Pro.specta can also be tailored as needed with specialized clinical tools for optimized imaging in cardiology, neurology, oncology, and orthopedics, the company said. The system's quantitative imaging capabilities also help in assessment therapy response, Siemens said.

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