Arab Health news: PET/MRI, tablet computers, breast screening in Egypt

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DUBAI - Europeans have had a strong presence at this week's Arab Health meeting, taking part both as speakers and exhibitors. The pleasantly warm, sunny weather no doubt attracted many people, but the main reason for their visit is the relative economic buoyancy and mood of optimism in the region. Whereas Europe and North America remain in the icy grip of austerity, most countries of the Middle East are investing heavily in healthcare.

We have covered the imaging track of the congress. First off was a session on molecular imaging that included an excellent discussion of PET/MRI's cost-effectiveness, and you can get the story here.

Radiologists across the globe are puzzled about whether tablets and other mobile devices can be used safely in clinical practice, and speakers from Italy and the Netherlands provided some answers and advice.

Egypt now has more than five years of experience with breast screening, and one of the main challenges is to get women with suspected cancer to go for further tests and treatment. Click here to find out more.

Meanwhile, a joint U.K. and New Zealand initiative to study cardiac defects through the use of a virtual 3D heart model is offering the potential of better diagnosis and interventional treatment in cases of atrial fibrillation. To learn more, go to our Cardiac Imaging Community, or click here.

Irish researchers have studied error rates in their speech recognition dictation and self-editing system. To read about their findings, visit our Health Informatics Digital Community, or click here.

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