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A major future challenge for functional and molecular imaging biomarkers in oncology is standardization, particularly in terms of acquisition, analysis, and reports. Other important issues are reproducibility, quality control, universalization of technology, and how to represent tumor heterogeneity.

Leading European experts reported on this hot topic during RSNA 2012 in Chicago, and they won a cum laude award for their efforts. Read more in our Molecular Imaging Digital Community or by clicking here.

On the opening day of the Arab Health meeting in Dubai, there was a lively debate about the clinical potential of PET/MRI. Compared with PET/CT, is it worth the extra cost? To find out more, click here.

Also at RSNA 2012, German researchers suggested that carbon-11 choline PET/MRI may provide an alternative imaging modality to PET/CT for restaging of prostate cancer by offering equal, if not better, diagnostic performance and less radiation exposure. Based on the team's results, a fully diagnostic PET/MRI protocol with choline for restaging of prostate cancer patients is feasible and also well-tolerated, they noted. Get the story here.

Meanwhile, Danish researchers have used routine clinical protocols in whole-body FDG-PET/CT to discover that a point-spread function PET reconstruction technique increases lesion detection for numerous cancers. Their in-press article has been published recently by the European Journal of Radiology. For our news report, click here.

The concept of personalized medicine continues to generate interest and debate, and the Maverinck has revisited the subject in a recent column. He thinks that for "true" personalized medicine based on individual genetic information, it will take decades to amass the knowledge required to make intelligent conclusions. To learn more, click here.

This is only a small sample of our articles about molecular topics. For the full list, go to our Molecular Imaging Digital Community.

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