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What's the best way to approach the interpretation of lateral chest x-rays? A group from the U.K. offers an easy eight-point guide in the latest installment of the Digital X-Ray Insider.

Lateral chest x-rays are often underutilized in favor of other imaging modalities, but they can provide important information for clarifying equivocal abnormalities found on frontal chest radiographs. The key is to know what you're looking for, according to a group from Peninsula Radiology Academy at Plymouth Hospitals National Health Service Trust. Learn more about their eight-point system by clicking here.

In other news in the Digital X-Ray Community, this week the German Parliament approved the country's first Radiological Protection Act. The law includes a number of advances, including provisions covering individual screening, requirements to notify patients of radiation overdoses, and rules on the involvement of medical physics experts in x-ray diagnostics. Learn more by clicking here.

Quidditch may have originated as a made-up sport in the Harry Potter universe, but it's become a legitimate competitive activity in the real world thanks to the efforts of a legion of devoted fans all over the world. Unfortunately, like any sport, quidditch players can suffer injuries -- sometimes serious -- for which medical imaging is key in helping direct treatment. We offer a review of the role radiology can play by clicking here.

In other news, attendees at the Deutscher Röntgenkongress (RöKo) 2017 learned about a fascinating technique called phase-contrast imaging that could be used to visualize the lungs of patients with a variety of pulmonary diseases. Find out how it works by clicking here. And Dutch researchers have discovered that chest x-ray might not be the best tool for diagnosing mild-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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