Meet radiology's very own history man, Dr. Adrian Thomas

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In his spare time, the chances are that Dr. Adrian Thomas will be trawling eBay for radiology memorabilia or studying ancient books, manuscripts, or documents in a medical library. His latest proud purchase is a Coolidge X-ray tube that cost less than 300 euros.

Thomas admits his interest in the history of medical imaging has become something of an obsession, and he's even set aside a room in his house to accommodate his private collection. But anyone who has met him will realize that he loves nothing more than sharing his passion for radiology's past. He does that every month in his regular column for and as a speaker at meetings across the globe.

During the recent U.K. Radiological Congress (UKRC), we conducted a video interview with Thomas about how he developed this unusual hobby. Click the image below to find out more. Peter Greggs, Joe Campbell, and Lettie Pattinson produced and edited this video.

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