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Don't go straight to MRI when it comes to wrist injuries. That's the central message of new research from trauma specialists in Berlin, who emphasize that plain radiographs remain a very effective primary tool to triage patients with a suspected scapholunate ligament tear and to decide on further diagnostic workup and surgical care.

The group's study was published online on Sunday by European Radiology. Get the full details here, or visit your Digital X-Ray Community.

Developing an x-ray machine that's right for the developing world is an essential task but also a massive challenge. A Swiss-based group headed by Dr. Klaus Schönenberger, PhD, is working with colleagues in Cameroon in this area, and they are making significant progress. Click here to read more.

British urologist Dr. Edwin Hurry Fenwick was a very early adopter of cystoscopic and x-ray technologies. This month's history column, written by Dr. Adrian Thomas, describes his involvement in radiology and considers his many achievements. To learn more about this incredible character, click here.

X-ray reporting errors by three locum radiologists in the Republic of Ireland have led to hundreds of patients being recalled. The incident has also led to a debate about the roles and responsibilities of locums, as well as the quality of their work. Get the story here.

In suspected cases of child abuse, the stakes are high, and a misinterpreted radiograph, an inappropriately low level of clinical suspicion, or inadequate family evaluation and follow-up can have fatal consequences for the patient. To read about the experiences of an inner city hospital, click here.

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