Bold predictions for 7T MRI; smorgasbord of food signs; cardiac CT or MRI?

DUBAI - A major trend within clinical MRI over the past couple of years has been the switch from 1.5-tesla to 3-tesla systems. The big question now is whether the next move will be to 7-tesla machines.

Dr. Siegfried Trattnig from Vienna is convinced this transition will occur. There is a long way to go before patients can be scanned routinely at 7 tesla, but in his keynote lecture at this week's huge Arab Health congress, he presented a compelling case. Find out more in our MRI Community, or click here.

Ever heard of the hamburger or coffee bean signs? How about the cottage loaf or banana signs? If not, then it's time to brush up by reading more about food-inspired radiology signs. You may find that doing so can help to make a diagnosis. Click here to learn more.

Even the experts admit that it can be very tough to decide whether to perform a CT or MRI scan on a cardiac patient. This issue was addressed at Arab Health, and you can read more in our Cardiac Imaging Community, or by clicking here.

As a general rule, Portuguese radiologists are an impressive and knowledgeable bunch, and that's confirmed by an authoritative overview article on neuroendocrine tumors published this month in Insights into Imaging. Get the story here.

Meanwhile, researchers from Nottingham, U.K., have found that PET/CT may be better than endoscopic ultrasound for estimating tumor length in esophageal cancer cases. PET/CT's enhanced performance in turn might lead to better planning of radiotherapy and resection. Click here for the full details.

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