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If your x-ray machine is older than 10 years, you urgently need to replace it. That recommendation comes from the European Society of Radiology's Working Group on Economics, which also urges every hospital to develop a plan for upgrading or renewing imaging equipment that looks forward at least five years and is updated annually. Go to the Digital X-Ray Community, or click here.

Meanwhile, a new study by Swedish radiologists performed under real-world conditions indicates that digital chest tomosynthesis can be used instead of CT for a number of lung examinations, saving both money and radiation dose. The research confirms previous studies on the role tomosynthesis can play in carving out a middle ground between CT and conventional chest x-ray. Get the story here.

Important changes to Germany's training system have been introduced. A key player in this process is Dr. Reinhard Loose, PhD, head of the Radiological Protection Commission Working Group of the German Radiological Society. He explains the rationale behind the new certification rules in an article you can read by clicking here.

A game of hurling is a real spectacle, but the popular Irish field sport can take a severe toll on participants. To view an amazing collection of x-rays showing the type of injuries picked up by hurling players, click here.

Finally, if you love history, then you won't want to miss some famous x-rays of ancient Egyptian artifacts. Click here to see them.

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