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Getting radiographers to report chest x-rays can work very effectively, provided adequate training is given, regular checks are made, and a long-term perspective is taken.

That's the view of researchers from the Christie in Manchester, a top U.K. cancer hospital. They shared their experiences at last week's U.K. Radiological Congress, and you can read more by clicking here.

X-ray is losing ground to MRI and CT because often they are seen as sexier, and younger radiologists tend to disregard x-ray too quickly. But the technology has many benefits and there is an obvious need for a turnaround, Dr. Stefan Diederich told delegates at the 95th congress of the German Society of Radiology. Get the story here.

A few months ago, it seemed highly unlikely that the German and Real Madrid footballer Sami Khedira would make it to the World Cup in Brazil due to serious knee problems. He defied the skeptics and started today's match against Portugal. Imaging played an important role in his quick return to action, and you can find out more about this subject by clicking here.

Growing numbers of extremely old and frail patients are being referred for x-ray examinations, but is it always appropriate for them to undergo such a procedure? Dr. Paul McCoubrie considers this question in his latest column. Get the story here.

Chest tomosynthesis continues to make sustained clinical progress, and important new research in this field has just been published by Swedish researchers. They believe they have found a way of reducing dose without significantly altering the technique's ability to detect pulmonary nodules. Get the story here.

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