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The retrofit market for flat-panel digital radiography (DR) detectors has attracted considerable attention recently. It accounted for around 3% of general radiography x-ray unit shipments in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in 2012, and this figure may rise to 5% by 2017.

So what's driving this market growth? And should we believe all the hype? To find out more, go to the Digital X-Ray Community, or click here.

For another vision of the emerging face of the global x-ray market, this time by market research firm IMS Research, check out this article that pegs the value of the overall market at 7.5 billion euros. The market is expected to grow smartly in coming years, the report projects.

Some referring clinicians, particularly those in the emergency room, fall short when it comes to documenting chest x-ray findings on request forms for CT, U.K. researchers have found. They urge radiologists to encourage clinical colleagues to include findings from relevant, previous investigations on their requests for imaging. Get the story here.

Our history columnist, Dr. Adrian Thomas, thinks the contribution of Thomas Edison tends to be downplayed when the early days of x-ray are discussed. He revisits this time period in his latest article. Click here to read more.

Digital x-ray played an important role in caring for injured competitors at last month's Tour de France. We've interviewed Dr. Denis Jacob, a musculoskeletal radiologist at Dijon University Hospital, about his work at the event. For the inside track, click here.

A new radiation patient exposure tracking system looks set to become a useful tool for monitoring a patient's exposure history and reducing the chance of overexposure to radiation, and could eventually be operational throughout Europe, and perhaps beyond. Learn more here.

Radiology teaching for medical students requires substantial improvements, particularly when it comes to interventional techniques, according to a survey reported at the 2013 U.K. Radiological Congress. Click here for the details.

You can look over our full list of stories below or by going to the Digital X-Ray Community. Also, please do make sure you check back at regular intervals for the latest coverage.

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