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Bariatric surgery has become a valuable tool in the battle against the growing obesity epidemic in the developed world, but it can lead to significant complications. Gastrointestinal radiography plays a crucial role in providing postoperative information, as a top French researcher explained during the recent European Society of Gastrointestinal and Abdominal Radiology (ESGAR) meeting. To read more, go to your Digital X-Ray Community, or click here.

Chest x-rays, along with CT scans, are also shedding light on a new strain of bird flu that's already caused fatalities. As of June 7, there were 132 laboratory-confirmed H7N9 infections, and most cases have occurred in middle-aged or older men, according to a World Health Organization report. Get the story here.

It's been 100 years since German radiologist Gustav Bucky invented a different way of making the x-ray image, thereby helping to define classical radiography. He designed a honeycombed and grid-like diaphragm, which he placed between the patient and the x-ray plate. To learn more about his genius, click here.

Our history columnist, Dr. Adrian Thomas, collects imaging memorabilia, and recently he bought an antique Coolidge x-ray tube on eBay for 300 euros. Find out more here.

Myths and misconceptions about x-ray start at a young age, it seems, but organizers of the U.K. Radiological Congress addressed this problem by inviting teenagers to an interactive teaching session at last month's meeting in Liverpool. Click here for the details.

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