BIR launches guidance on radiation safety

To help reduce exposure to diagnostic x-rays and develop radiation safety knowledge, the British Institute of Radiology (BIR) has produced posters, videos, and a book on personal protective equipment.

The guidance gives practical advice on how staff should select, wear, and store their protective equipment. It also gives clear advice on how to comply with regulations and prepare a risk assessment.

It is crucial that head and eye equipment and protective aprons are worn and fitted correctly to protect the body against dangerous radiation levels, the BIR said. If stored incorrectly, the equipment can become damaged and that immediately reduces its effectiveness.

The book, Personal Protective Equipment for Diagnostic X-ray Use, is a practical guide to using and caring for equipment and is written by Peter Hiles, Helen Hughes, Denise Arthur, and Colin Martin as part of a BIR working party with support from the BIR Radiation Safety Special Interest Group. Products created in conjunction with the book are two A2-sized posters and three videos.

The resources are for radiologists, trainees, radiographers at all levels, radiology managers, radiation protection advisors, medical physicists, veterinarians, dentists, nurses, and clinical application specialists.

The book and posters are available to purchase from the BIR website, with a special discount for BIR members, and the videos can be viewed for free on the protective equipment resources page.

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