French regulators issue in-home imaging rules

The French Radiation Safety Authority (ASN), French Radiology Society (SFR), and French Association of Radiology Personnel (AFPPE) have issued a joint statement on the requirements for physicians providing in-home radiology procedures -- with revised physician qualifications pending from the ASN.

The requirements include the following:

  • The physician is responsible for overseeing in-home imaging procedures in strict compliance with applicable guidelines to ensure the radiation protection of the operator, the patient, and the environment.
  • Physicians must complete an online form ("Declaration of possession/use of medical x-rays") in the appropriate ASN jurisdiction declaring the use of all imaging devices, and certifying that all measures have been taken to ensure optimal exposure.
  • The operator must be a medical doctor and board-certified (Conseil de l'Ordre). Refinement of these qualifications is forthcoming from the ASN.
  • Radiologic technologists must work under the direct supervision of a qualified physician who is able to intervene immediately as necessary.
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