Oxford report spotlights Brainomix's e-Stroke platform

2021 08 03 16 02 9021 Brain Stroke 400

The Oxford Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) has highlighted Brainomix's e-Stroke AI platform helps patients receiving stroke treatment in interim findings, according to a press release from Brainomix.

The technology uses AI to automatically process CT and MRI scans within two minutes, Brainomix said. It also alerts doctors in real time about patients who would benefit from mechanical thrombectomy.

A total of 24 hospitals across England are part of an independent evaluation of e-Stroke led by the Oxford AHSN, the vendor noted. According to interim findings, the average treatment rate in the e-Stroke hospitals was more than 55% higher than the national average having been the same at baseline.

The report also said that treatment rates rose to 5.7% at e-Stroke hospitals compared with the national average of 3.6% and that some of the highest-performing hospitals taking part in the evaluation reached mechanical thrombectomy rates of over 10%, Brainomix noted.

The independent evaluation also includes feedback from participating NHS specialist doctors. The report stated that more than three-quarters felt e-Stroke helped to identify more patients for treatment and improved communication between hospitals. Also, more than two-thirds felt e-Stroke sped up decision-making and access to mechanical thrombectomy, the vendor stated.

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