VIDI and Gleamer embark on new AI partnership

2021 03 24 15 27 5865 Artificial Intelligence Ai Face 400

France's largest private radiology network, VIDI, has partnered with artificial intelligence (AI) software developer Gleamer for the development of AI solutions to help in the detection of bone trauma and chest lesions by x-ray.

The VIDI network, which includes 980 radiologists across 58 centers, created a commission in 2020 with the aim of collaborating with manufacturers and startups on innovative imaging needs. After a three-month consultation period, the commission selected Gleamer due to the clinical relevance and performance of the company's BoneView and ChestView solutions which were tested on 40 difficult cases comprising 200 images.

The commission evaluated criteria such as the intrinsic characteristics of the tool, integration into the working environment, sensitivity, specificity, the economic model offered to the network's members, and the capacity to co-develop new algorithms. Nine VIDI centers are already in the process of installing the solutions.

Increased workload, interruptions, fatigue, or cognitive reading bias are all factors that impede interpretation of exams, noted VIDI in a statement. Missed fractures represent up to 80% of diagnostic errors in emergency departments and are the second leading cause of patient complaints. However, according to a published study, the BoneView solution reduces the false-negative rate by 30% and improves efficiency.

The two solutions, BoneView and ChestView, work remotely, VIDI noted in its statement. They integrate directly with PACS to deliver results in the radiologist's usual working environment, and the provider also offers users specific training courses to ensure efficient and coordinated implementation.

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