GE to collaborate with French firms on imaging AI

2020 01 29 18 12 5932 Ge Rsna 2019 400

GE Healthcare has launched a new project called AI DReAM that will gather French small businesses, startups, research laboratories, and clinical centers to develop artificial intelligence (AI) for medical imaging.

For the project, GE will develop an advanced visualization platform with 2D/3D annotation tools for medical image analysis; a software development kit to develop clinical, therapeutic, and research applications for imaging; and a technology framework for meeting regulatory requirements for medical applications.

The consortium will include the following companies and organizations:

  • The Curie Institute
  • The Gustave Roussy Institute
  • Pixyl
  • SME Evolucare
  • The Greater Paris Group of Hospitals (APHP)
  • The Paris Hospital Saint Joseph Foundation
  • Therapanacea

Applications to be developed will include managing liver cancer with AI characterization tools, the diagnosis and prognosis of lung diseases, and personalized treatment for brain cancer. The 13-million-euro initiative is supported by a program called Investments for the Future, which is led by the French Secretary General for Investment and operated by Bpifrance, GE said.

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