RCR offers guidance on adopting AI during COVID-19

2018 08 28 18 59 9066 Artificial Intelligence Ai 400

The U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) has published fresh advice on how to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) image analysis software within the radiology workflow during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The RCR said there are five standards:

  • AI must be integrated in the reporting (RIS and PACS) workflow in such a way that it does not add extra burden to radiologists.
  • The accuracy (sensitivity and specificity) of the AI algorithm must be clearly displayed for radiologists and others making decisions on patient management.
  • AI findings must be communicated to RIS using existing, widely used, global technical standards (HL7).
  • AI findings must be communicated to PACS using existing, widely used, global technical standards (DICOM).
  • The workflow must be robust enough to ensure AI analysis must be complete and available on PACS before a human reporter starts image interpretation.

The guidance, which was posted on 8 April, also discusses issues related to AI-assisted image interpretation for radiologists, AI assisting emergency doctors, mitigating risks associated with AI adoption, and technology components and interoperability requirements.

"AI image preanalysis is likely to have a very positive impact on radiologists' future working lives if properly integrated into the reporting workflow," the RCR wrote.

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