MedaPhor initiates new pilot of analysis software

U.K. ultrasound training developer MedaPhor announced the first pilot of its ScanNav real-time image analysis software at a London hospital.

The pilot will take place in the fetal medicine department of St. George's University Hospitals National Health Service (NHS) Trust.

Initially targeted at the U.K. pregnancy screening program, which is offered to all women at 20 weeks of pregnancy, ScanNav evaluates more than 50 individual criteria to verify that the six views required by the NHS Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme are complete and fit for purpose.

ScanNav uses deep-learning technology to assess the same features sonographers look for in ultrasound images, the firm said. The system has "learned" this using more than 350,000 images assessed by a panel of senior sonographers. Initial validation studies have shown the artificial intelligence (AI) system is as good as an expert colleague in providing peer review, MedaPhor said.

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