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Three key trends in the digital x-ray equipment market are the growth of mobile systems, the expansion of digital radiography retrofit kits, and the growing importance of Eastern Europe, according to market expert Simon Harris.

Looking to the future, he's convinced that intelligent radiography will be the next big thing. To get his thoughts and analysis on the current and future situation, click here.

For simple questions with "yes/no" answers -- such as, "Is there presence of a pneumothorax in the chest x-ray?" -- artificial intelligence (AI) may be able to help in the near future, and this would have positive workflow implications by freeing up human experts for more complex tasks, says Dr. Konstantin Nikolaou from Tübingen, Germany. Find out more here.

U.K. researchers have found that radiographers can read chest x-rays as well as radiologists, but their study has proved controversial.

Radiologist Dr. Anna Rita Larici from Milan, Italy, believes chest x-rays are too difficult for radiographers to interpret. Click here for her viewpoint, which was strongly contested by radiographers, as explained here. Further contributions have come from Dr. Emanuele Neri and Dr. Elisabetta Giannotti. You can find additional opinions expressed in our Forums section.

Finally, don't miss new research about the ability of digital tomosynthesis to diagnose kidney stone disease compared with CT and ultrasound. For the full details, click here.

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