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It's often said, typically by senior radiologists, that newly qualified medical doctors know quite a lot about MRI and CT, but they tend to know much less about the basics of conventional radiography. This knowledge gap causes problems in clinical practice, they said.

Mediastinal disease is one area where such comments appear to hold true, judging by some award-winning research presented during ECR 2013. The authors urge everybody to improve their know-how in this area. Get the story here.

The emergence and increasing use of flat-panel detectors has shaken up Europe's digital x-ray market in recent years, and this technology appears likely to have a significant impact on shaping the future of the modality. Market analyst Stephen Holloway has identified the key trends. To read them, click here.

Concerns over airport security scanners have not totally gone away, it seems. Interestingly, this topic featured in the opening press conference for ECR 2013, as well as at the congress itself. Click here to find out more.

Debate is also continuing about the value of chest x-rays as a low-cost screening tool for lung cancer. This follows the recent publication of an important Italian study that spanned a decade. Learn more by clicking here.

Should radiographers be reading more x-rays? New guidance in this area has been issued in the U.K., which has considerable experience of this tricky subject. To read our news report, click here.

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