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Low back pain is a massive problem in general practice, and it appears many general practitioners are still referring patients for unjustified lumbar spine radiographs. Regular audits can be an effective way of addressing this problem.

A group of researchers from Leeds presented their findings on this important topic at last week's U.K. Radiological Congress (UKRC). They estimate that more than 5,000 potentially unnecessary lumbar spine x-rays are performed annually in Leeds alone, and this is probably the situation across much of Europe. To find out more, visit your Digital X-Ray Digital Community or click here.

The European Commission is developing a new directive that would impose new risk levels for ionizing radiation as part of an effort to lay down basic safety standards for protection against exposure. Whenever Brussels is involved, there is a concern about increased bureaucracy, but overall the European Society of Radiology (ESR) welcomes this process. Get the story here.

German and French researchers are using a novel x-ray imaging technique to improve the contrast of CT scans, permitting substantial reductions in radiation dose. X-ray grating interferometry uses microstructures as optical elements of x-rays, and can be incorporated into CT scanners to yield virtual slice images and full 3D information about the scanned object. Click here to learn more.

The annual meeting of the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO) tends to provide some interesting clinical news. At this year's congress in Barcelona, Swiss experts revealed how a novel beam's eye view x-ray imaging system can be used to monitor tumor motion during scanned proton therapy. Get the details here.

When it comes to high fashion, few of us instantly think of x-ray. But radiographer-turned-designer Brooke Roberts has bridged the two worlds with her clothing line. Click here for staff editor Nicole Pettit's report.

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