AI tools for accelerated and low dose imaging: An EU perspective

2023 03 29 15 40 1126 2023 03 29 Subtle Webinar Thumb

Centers worldwide are now actively and increasingly using AI tools to accelerate scan times, improve image quality, and increase workflow efficiency. Now, people want to know, “So, what’s the verdict?”

In this expert panel moderated by Incepto Founder and CEO, Antoine Jomier, you’ll hear from both academic hospital and imaging center perspectives on the following:

  • Scanner agnostic AI tools that improve scan time across the entire fleet
  • How sites can use AI to improve the quality of low-dose imaging
  • Examples of real-world deployment of these AI tools in clinical practice
  • Keys to seamless software implementation and scalability
  • Clinical validation performed on Subtle Medial’s SubtlePET and SubtleMR
  • Measuring results in terms of ROI and quality of care

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