Medsquare unveils updated dose-monitoring software at ECR

By staff writers
February 28, 2018

Radiation dose management firm Medsquare has unveiled new features for its radiation dose monitor (RDM) software at ECR 2018 in Vienna.

The new features include automatic dose reports, both statistical and patient; the ability to calculate both the effective and actual dose to the organ in CT and nuclear medicine exams; tools for simulating actual and effective dose to the organ; and formatting of synthetic tables to help interpret dosimetric data, the company said.

Medsquare is also highlighting clinical research presented at the meeting by researchers from Lariboisière Hospital in Paris that validated RDM's skin dose calculation module.

Medsquare highlights French dose management research
Radiation dose management firm Medsquare is directing attention to recent research involving a new peak skin dose module on its radiation dose monitor...

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