AI proves comparable to rads for assessing BI-RADS 4 breast lesions
May 2, 2023 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) model using breast ultrasound images is on par with human experts when it comes to assessing BI-RADS 4 lesions, a study published on 22 April in Academic Radiology has found. Read More
Seat-belt injuries pose serious diagnostic challenges
April 26, 2023 -- Seat-belt injuries resulting from trauma in road traffic accidents can be misdiagnosed initially, and they may be life-threatening and require surgical intervention. Great care must be taken with vascular bowel and mesenteric injuries, radiologists from Spain have reported. Read More
MSK radiologists release 'Stand with Ukraine' video
April 24, 2023 -- Musculoskeletal (MSK) radiologists from Norway have produced a video about the current realities of living and working in Ukraine. It provides a voice for those whose lives and careers have been transformed since the Russian invasion. Read More
German team elaborates on how to reduce PET/MRI scan times
April 21, 2023 -- PET/MRI breast cancer imaging time can be cut in half without losing key diagnostic information, and this could increase the use of the modality for this indication and streamline patient throughput, investigators from the University of Dusseldorf have found. Read More
PET/CT proves superior in detecting invasive breast cancer
April 17, 2023 -- PET/CT imaging surpasses bone scintigraphy for detecting bone metastases in women with invasive breast cancer and should be the technique of choice to stage these patients, according to a team of investigators from Portugal. Read More
Optimum ultrasound use reduces breech pregnancies by over 70%
April 17, 2023 -- Routine third-trimester ultrasound leads to a 70%-plus reduction of undetected breech pregnancies along with improved neonatal outcomes, U.K. researchers have reported. Read More
MRI reveals malignant transformation of benign gynecological diseases
April 12, 2023 -- Award-winning research has underlined the value of advanced MRI techniques in illuminating the wide spectrum of clinical and imaging manifestations, differential diagnosis, and pitfalls in challenging cases of benign gynecological diseases. Read More
Pearls and pitfalls for breast lesions discovered in young patients
April 11, 2023 -- Leading Spanish experts have shared their experiences of the clinical management of breast lesions in children and adolescents. Their practical advice includes seven simple, easy-to-follow tips. Read More
Danish team uses PET/CT to predict outcome in metastatic breast cancer
April 11, 2023 -- F-18 FDG-PET/CT imaging appears to be a better predictor of survival than contrast-enhanced CT for monitoring patients with metastatic breast cancer, according to investigators from Odense University in Denmark. Read More
AI tool ChatGPT shows great promise in breast imaging
April 10, 2023 -- ChatGPT, the fast-emerging artificial-intelligence (AI) chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022, may be on its way to automatically providing healthcare information about breast cancer prevention and screening, a new study suggests. Read More