How to cope and survive in hard times
November 29, 2021 -- Everyone in radiology is struggling with seemingly insurmountable work pressures as the world seeks to recover from the pandemic, but how can we ensure we still do a good job for our patients? Dr. Giles Maskell presents a personal view. Read More
The show goes on: ESR vows to push ahead with in-person congress
November 23, 2021 -- The European Society of Radiology (ESR) is pressing on with plans to stage ECR 2022 as a face-to-face meeting in Vienna, despite the national lockdown that has now begun in Austria. Read More
Aachen group gets set to unveil new findings on breast MRI
November 23, 2021 -- The German research team led by Dr. Christiane Kuhl has studied the systemic effects of intrauterine contraceptive devices on the body and believes this may have an impact on the accuracy of breast MRI. The group will present its results at RSNA 2021 in Chicago. Read More
Do warning signals boost breast radiologists' performance?
November 15, 2021 -- Dutch researchers have reported that informing radiologists in advance about any suspicious areas on mammograms may not improve their performance when interpreting the images. Read More
WHO team presents results from global breast cancer survey
November 5, 2021 -- New data and analysis from the World Health Organization (WHO) have come under scrutiny at the Advanced Breast Cancer Sixth International Consensus Conference, being held on 4-6 November in Lisbon, Portugal. Read More
Women give thumbs-up to abbreviated breast MRI
November 1, 2021 -- Abbreviated breast MRI is effective and is the preferred screening modality for 75% of women, Australian researchers have reported. Their new study confirms that the concept of abbreviated MRI works, according to Dr. Christiane Kuhl of Aachen, Germany. Read More
What's really happening in the global breast imaging market?
November 1, 2021 -- Major change is underway in the market for worldwide breast imaging equipment. Analyst Bhvita Jani from Signify Research assesses the impact of the pandemic and looks at the key trends and drivers. Read More
Breast pioneer highlights added value of emerging technique
October 29, 2021 -- In new research, Dr. Sylvia Heywang‑Köbrunner has emphasized that combining digital breast tomosynthesis with synthesized 2D mammography leads to higher cancer detection rates with fewer recalls compared with conventional mammography alone. Read More
Audits can boost awareness of pregnancy complications
October 28, 2021 -- Award-winning research shows a well-crafted audit can substantially raise awareness of vasa previa and lead to a more rapid and accurate diagnosis of this complication of pregnancy. Read More
The impact of a healthcare system that seems to be failing
October 26, 2021 -- The everyday reality for patients and clinicians, especially within the U.K., is that procedures and examinations get postponed. What's the solution to these increasingly frequent system failures? Interventional radiologist Dr. Chris Hammond investigates. Read More