Novel analysis highlights shortcomings of breast AI
September 8, 2021 -- U.K. researchers have found that evidence is insufficient on the accuracy or clinical effect of introducing artificial intelligence (AI) to examine mammograms on the screening pathway. They published their findings on 1 September in the BMJ. Read More
AI detects cancer on mammography but is inferior to double reading
September 7, 2021 -- Investigators from Lund University in Sweden have found artificial intelligence (AI) software can detect cancers on digital mammography that had originally been found on digital breast tomosynthesis, but AI falls short of double reading by radiologists. Read More
Socioeconomic factors influence take-up of breast cancer screening
September 3, 2021 -- Women are more likely to get breast screening if they have better education, speak English in the home, or own a car, while screening rates tend to drop if women live farther away from the screening location, Australian researchers have found. Read More
Europe gets fresh advice on COVID-19 vaccines and breast imaging
August 24, 2021 -- In a bid for clarity, the European Society of Breast Imaging has issued new recommendations to standardize patient management and reduce unnecessary imaging and invasive procedures in cases of unilateral axillary lymphadenopathy -- a frequent mild side effect of COVID-19 vaccination. Read More
Report: Breast cancer survival could be boosted by investment
August 20, 2021 -- There are shocking disparities in breast cancer survival between low-income and high-income countries around the world, but these differences could be addressed by major investments in treatment and diagnosis, according to a simulation study published on 17 August in Lancet Oncology. Read More
Should older women receive breast screening less often?
August 16, 2021 -- Can women in their early 70s receive breast screening less frequently? A group from Italy tested a three-year screening interval in these women, concluding that the proposal needs more investigation. The team published its results on 6 August in European Radiology. Read More
László Tabár shares his latest thoughts on breast AI
August 10, 2021 -- The sensitivity and specificity of artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms must be compared with that of experienced readers who follow strict mammography viewing protocols, according to breast imaging pioneer Dr. László Tabár, who urges caution when comparing the performance of AI with that of radiologists. Read More
Dutch researchers issue novel analysis on best use of breast MRI
August 9, 2021 -- A new study from the Netherlands suggests that a combination of contrast-enhanced mammography with ultrasound performs as well as breast MRI for preoperative staging for breast cancer. The findings were posted on 2 August by the European Journal of Radiology. Read More
Novice readers gain from using two-view DBT for breast lesions
August 2, 2021 -- A French team has found that less experienced readers benefit from using two-view digital mammography plus digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) to characterize breast lesions. They published their results on 27 July in the European Journal of Radiology. Read More
Simple measures can make transgender patients feel welcome
July 29, 2021 -- Data on breast cancer risk for the transgender community remain limited, but radiologists can do their part to create a welcoming environment to encourage transgender people to attend screening exams, new research has found. Read More