Dutch use micro-CT to visualize fetal development
August 24, 2020 -- Micro-CT provides an unprecedented look into early human development, say researchers from the University of Amsterdam. They have published images that depict a 6-week-old ectopic pregnancy. Read More
Ultrasound proves safe for follow-up of breast masses
August 24, 2020 -- Ultrasound appears to be an effective and safe diagnostic workup modality when it comes to evaluating masses identified on screening digital breast tomosynthesis, according to research published in the European Journal of Radiology. Read More
Abbreviated MRI wins support in breast imaging
August 21, 2020 -- A shorter, abbreviated-protocol MRI performed as well as a full-protocol breast MRI, suggesting it can be used for diagnostic imaging, according to research presented at the International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine virtual meeting Read More
U.K. trial shows earlier breast screening has benefit
August 12, 2020 -- New findings from a large randomized breast screening trial in the U.K. show that there is a mortality benefit if screening starts when women are in their 40s. But that benefit seems to fade over time, according to a study published on 12 August in the Lancet Oncology. Read More
Can AI lower radiologists' mammography workload?
August 10, 2020 -- Artificial intelligence (AI)-based software can reliably categorize a significant percentage of negative screening mammograms as normal, potentially decreasing mammography reading workload for radiologists by more than half, according to two presentations made at the recent ECR 2020 virtual meeting. Read More
Karolinska team advocates use of CAD for breast screening
August 3, 2020 -- A large study led by a group from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm has found that radiologists interpreting mammograms demonstrated a wide range of sensitivity for detecting cancer. The results support the use of computer-aided detection (CAD) solutions for breast screening, the researchers say. Read More
Did mummified 'screaming woman' die from a heart attack?
July 30, 2020 -- A new CT study of the 3,000-year-old "mummy of the screaming woman" in Egypt has investigated whether the shocking facial expression of pain was due to the heart attack that might have caused the woman's death or due to postmortem changes. The group's analysis has already generated considerable debate. Read More
Should keepsake ultrasound be regulated?
July 28, 2020 -- Ultrasound professionals are calling for more regulation of fetal sonography amid the continued growth of souvenir outlets that provide services for pregnant women, according to an article posted on 23 July in the BMJ. For a fee of up to 250 pounds (274 euros), shops offer a variety of nondiagnostic fetal ultrasound products, including "4D bonding scans" and mementos. Read More
Researchers tackle interval breast cancer at ECR 2020
July 22, 2020 -- Interval breast cancers pose a thorny problem for clinicians and women alike, since they often manifest in more aggressive and deadly forms. At the recent virtual edition of ECR 2020, a number of researchers reported findings from clinical studies that investigated how to reduce the interval cancer rate -- and what technology best classifies interval cancers. Read More
Danes reveal CT's promise for osteoporosis screening
July 15, 2020 -- Danish researchers have found cardiac CT exams used to assess patients' heart health can deliver the added benefit of screening for osteoporosis -- a valuable use given the prevalence of the modality. They published their results on 14 July in Radiology. Read More