TOF PET/MRI reduces dose for breast cancer detection
December 12, 2018 -- Clinicians can use as little as 10% of the conventional FDG dose and still produce diagnostic-quality images to detect breast cancer using a time-of-flight (TOF) imaging technique with PET/MRI, according to a study published in the December issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine.  Discuss
Why England is correct to review breast-screening approach
December 11, 2018 -- The National Health Service in England has begun a long-term plan to evaluate its strategy for breast cancer screening. This review is long overdue, write Drs. László Tabár and Peter B. Dean. They stress the importance of early detection and treatment.  Discuss
Use ultrasound to evaluate masses found on DBT
December 5, 2018 -- Ultrasound is 98% effective for further assessing masses found on screening digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), according to a study published online on 29 November in the British Journal of Radiology. The findings suggest that a diagnostic mammogram after screening DBT is unnecessary, thus sparing women additional radiation exposure.  Discuss
How Denmark strives for quality in breast screening
November 27, 2018 -- Multidisciplinary teamwork, high-volume readers, training and audits, and continuous monitoring of quality are vital in breast cancer screening, according to Dr. Ilse Vejborg, a speaker at Tuesday's RSNA 2018 session on the Nordic countries. Her group also works hard to avoid potential harms from overdiagnosis and unnecessary intervention.  Discuss
Spanish show how density affects digital mammography
November 21, 2018 -- The screening performance of digital mammography can be negatively affected by the density of a woman's breast tissue -- especially tissue that is considered heterogeneously or extremely dense, according to a Spanish study published online on 15 November in the European Journal of Radiology.  Discuss
Breast screening in England faces major overhaul
November 15, 2018 -- Following a series of blunders, the national breast screening program in England is to undergo an in-depth review that is due to be completed in summer 2019, it was announced today. The Royal College of Radiologists has already welcomed the news.  Discuss
Iranians use artificial intelligence to illuminate uterine cancer
November 15, 2018 -- Researchers from Iran used a machine-learning algorithm and perfusion-weighted MRI scans to differentiate between patients with uterine sarcomas and those with leiomyomas. The findings were published on 12 November in the European Journal of Radiology.  Discuss
Second-look breast ultrasound spots occult lesions
November 5, 2018 -- Second-look breast ultrasound with volume navigation effectively detects occult additional lesions initially spotted via breast MRI, Italian researchers have found. In addition, the technique permits safe biopsies irrespective of position and depth.  Discuss
Study finds low reintervention rate for UAE of fibroids
October 31, 2018 -- Uterine artery embolization (UAE) is an effective alternative to surgery for treating women with leiomyomas, also known as fibroids, according to researchers from South Korea. The group found that only 10.4% of women required further interventions after an initial treatment.  Discuss
U.K. team confirms safety of weekly breast radiation therapy
October 25, 2018 -- A larger, weekly dose of radiation therapy has side effects that are comparable with those from conventional daily treatments for early-stage breast cancer, said U.K. researchers, who shared their findings on 21 October at the American Society for Radiation Oncology meeting in San Antonio, Texas.  Discuss