Fuchsjäger: Why AI can succeed in breast imaging
June 20, 2019 -- By boosting diagnostic accuracy and lowering workloads for radiologists, artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to succeed in breast imaging where computer-aided detection software failed, writes Prof. Michael Fuchsjäger from Graz in Austria in an editorial published online on 14 June in European Radiology. Read More
DBT performs well over multiple screening rounds
June 19, 2019 -- Lower recall and higher cancer detection rates for breast cancer screening with digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) are sustainable over more than one screening round, according to an extensive Norwegian study published online on 11 June in European Radiology. Read More
Irish show targeted breast screening brings results
June 17, 2019 -- A new study from Northern Ireland has demonstrated that risk-stratified breast cancer screening works, increasing cancer detection threefold. The authors are optimistic their data will lead to long-term improvements in tailored screening services. Read More
Study: Radiology know-how vital to cancer care
June 13, 2019 -- Research published online on 5 June in BJR supports the idea that radiologists' expertise remains crucial when it comes to cancer detection. Radiologists can "get the gist" of breast cancer in mammograms up to three years before clinical signs of it are visible, the authors found. Read More
Why do so many minority women skip cancer screening?
June 11, 2019 -- Women of black and minority ethnicity in the U.K. receive less cancer screening than women in the general population due to various social, cultural, and religious reasons, according to research presented at the UK Imaging & Oncology Congress (UKIO). Read More
Is there a 'sweet spot' for mammography volume?
June 3, 2019 -- How many mammograms should a radiologist be reading each year to achieve maximum performance? Researchers from Norway found that an annual screening mammography exam volume of between 4,000 and 10,000 is the best range, according to a study published online on 28 May. Read More
Reversed hanging protocol cuts mammo read time
May 27, 2019 -- Dutch researchers have found that a reversed contrast-enhanced mammography hanging protocol reduces reading time by a third without compromising diagnostic performance. Their study was published online on 15 May in the European Journal of Radiology. Read More
Danish breast cancer screening scandal escalates
May 24, 2019 -- Thousands of women in Denmark younger than age 50 who have family risk factors for breast cancer or have had previous surgery may not have received screening exams they should have had, according to an article in the Jyllands-Posten newspaper. Read More
Kuhl brings the curtain down in Montreal
May 22, 2019 -- Better risk assessment methods and more appropriate utilization of imaging modalities such as breast MRI open the door for personalized cancer screening strategies, Prof. Christiane Kuhl told delegates in the closing Mansfield Lecture at last week's International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine annual meeting in Montreal. Read More
3D MRI captures changes to fetal head during birth
May 16, 2019 -- Researchers from France have used 3D MRI to visualize changes to the shape of the fetal brain and skull during the second stage of labor. The images revealed that fetal heads may experience greater stress than previously imagined, according to an article published online on 15 May in PLOS One. Read More