Viennese group investigates how prenatal drinking affects fetal brain
November 24, 2022 -- MRI reveals how women's prenatal drinking -- even in low or moderate amounts -- has a negative effect on fetal brain development, according to Austrian research to be presented at RSNA 2022 in Chicago. Read More
PET/CT proves value in guiding breast cancer therapy
November 15, 2022 -- FDG-PET/CT can help guide therapy in breast cancer, particularly in distant disease staging and treatment response assessment, the leading Austrian researcher Dr. Katja Pinker-Domenig told a hybrid imaging event on 11 November. Read More
Heidelberg group uses microscopy technique to map cancer cells
November 10, 2022 -- Investigators from the German Cancer Research Center have created a molecular microscopy technique that maps the spread of breast cancer at the cellular level. They published their findings on 9 November in Nature. Read More
Evaluation underlines value of breast AI as extra reader
November 9, 2022 -- New clinical evidence has shown the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to detect cancers missed by human readers and boost detection rates without recalling extra false positives, according to a European research team. Read More
Solving the diagnostic dilemma posed by heterotopic pregnancy
November 9, 2022 -- The successful recognition of heterotopic pregnancy -- a rare complication, but one with the potential for significant morbidity and mortality -- begins with awareness of its imaging features and understanding of the diagnostic challenges, Australian researchers have reported. Read More
Music before mammograms can boost compression tolerance
November 7, 2022 -- They say music is good for the soul -- and it could also be good for boosting a woman's tolerance of mammography examinations, according to U.K. research published on 31 October in Radiography. Read More
Ovarian cancer surveillance proves viable for women with BRCA variants
November 7, 2022 -- Ovarian cancer surveillance is a viable option for women with BRCA (BReast CAncer gene) variants who delay removal of the fallopian tubes and ovaries, a study published on 1 November in the Journal of Medical Genetics has found. Read More
AI provides boost for identifying breast lesion subtypes
October 31, 2022 -- An artificial intelligence (AI) model trained with mammography images can help to identify breast lesion subtypes and improve the effectiveness of biopsies, according to a study published on 25 October in Radiology. Read More
Spanish radiology strives to build closer links with France and Italy
October 17, 2022 -- PARIS - Forging closer links with France and Italy is a top priority for the newly elected president of the Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM), Prof. Asunción Torregrosa from Valencia. She talks about her plans in a video interview with Read More
Using humor can improve the radiologist-patient relationship
October 13, 2022 -- Laughter may not be the best medicine on paper, but a Swiss study published October 8 in Cancer Imaging suggests a little humor can go a long way for the radiologist-patient relationship. Read More